Initiatives and Programs

Technology Integration

iPad image The Hampstead School District provides robust technology services to its staff and students. Every student is enrolled into the Google Apps for Education suite and have access to cloud storage, word processing, and other digital tools. Each school is equipped with a Microsoft Window based computer lab and all students receive regular technology instruction by a certified technology integration specialist. All teachers are issued a laptop computer and have LCD projectors mounted in their classrooms.

At the elementary level students have access to iPad tablets, Chromebooks, and Microsoft Windows devices. Devices are allocated to classrooms at a 1:1 ratio in grades K-4

At the middle school level each student is issued a Chromebook to use throughout the day. Grades 6-8 have the ability to take their Chromebook home. In addition to the Google Apps for Education, students at the middle school are given an email account to communicate with teachers and students within the Hampstead district. Classroom sets of iPad tablets are also available for specialized projects.

Remote Learning Days

The Hampstead School District has implemented remote learning days when weather conditions make traveling to school unsafe.   In the event of a remote learning day, all students will be sent home with a school issued device. Both Hampstead Central School and Hampstead Middle School will send a communication to parents with more details including a schedule and expectations for the day. If there is a loss of power throughout the town a traditional snowday will be called.


T.E.E.C.H. is an acronym for Transdisciplinary Early Education Classroom in Hampstead. We are a regular education preschool program which includes children with a variety of special needs along with their typical peer models. Our preschool curriculum is based on the developmental needs of children ages three to five years. The Self-Help, Social Development, Motor Skills, Early Literacy, and Early Math curriculum is based on the needs/development of the typical students. Adaptations to our program/curriculum are made for the identified students, as appropriate. We provide a curriculum that is designed to be developmentally appropriate so that each child can achieve success at his/her own level and progress at their own pace. Our curriculum is aligned with the state guidelines, as well as the Hampstead Central School's kindergarten curriculum, to help provide a smooth transition between programs.

Instructional Rounds

Instructional Rounds is a professional development activity developed by Harvard Graduate School of Education professor Richard Elmore for teachers and administrators to diagnose areas of need within instructional practices. After identifying a problem of practice, a team of teachers and administrators spend a day observing a majority of the classrooms to gather information in support of the problem of practice. The team analyzes their data and then presents their findings and recommendations to the remainder of the staff.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM)

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, or STEAM for short, is a combination of curricula areas that engaging students in hands-on learning activities to encourage creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication to solve real-world problems. Teachers of all grade levels and in Unified Arts collaborate to plan lessons that address their specific content standards and include STEAM practices. We have worked with UNH's

Engineering department and SERESC to bring educational opportunities to our students and staff, in addition to local companies and parents at our annual STEAM Night to bring awareness of required skills and knowledge that an

employer may be looking for.


 Hampstead School District operates its own cable television station in conjunction with the Hampstead Cable Community Access channel. Channel 6 broadcasts videos of student events and bulletin board announcements. The middle school also has the ability to broadcast locally within the building.