HSD Capital Improvement and Maintenance Plan

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Eligible Organizations:

HSD Facility Use Policy

HSD Facility Use Application

The Hampstead School District encourages the use of the school facilities for the benefit of educational activities. The board also recognizes its responsibility to make the facilities available as a community resource while preventing overuse of the facilities and scheduling conflicts.

Realizing the heavy demands for the use of indoor and outdoor facilities, the school district has created three categories of eligibility.

  1. School Sponsored: ·These organizations are financially supported by the district.

  2. School Related: ·The basis of existence for these organizations is directly school-related,·and a school employee or parent of a district student must be the advisor.

  3. Community Sponsored:

    • In-District Non Profit - Non profit organizations that exist in the confines of the district, including but not limited to organizations that serve children and adults, religious affiliated groups, recreation departments and other town departments or town government.

    • In-District for Profit - Profit organizations from Hampstead which serve children or adults.

    • Out-of-District Non Profit - Out of district organizations serving children or adults.

    • Out-of-District for Profit - Out of district organizations who may wish to utilize school facilities as a profit venture