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From left to right; Cesar Hilton - Network Administrator, Michael Shaw - Senior Network Administrator, Marie Nicolosi - Technology Secretary, Joseph Dionne - Director of Technology, Teddy Brown - Tech Assistant

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Technology Integration

The Hampstead School District is a fully wireless district. This allows teachers more mobility and flexibility to integrate technology into the curriculum. 1:1 Chromebooks are provided to students across the district. Both campuses are equipped with up-to-date technology that is easily accessible for students and teachers. Our middle and elementary schools have full time Technology Integration Specialists who works with students in the lab and with teachers on curriculum integration. The Technology Department offers ongoing professional development to foster and encourage technology skills for instruction and professional growth. Our technology professional development follows a "train the trainer" model. This ensures that all teachers are being trained by either the department or a team leader. The district also offers a variety of assistive technologies for student with special needs.

Technology Tools

Web-based Gradebooks/Planbooks

Hampstead School District uses the PowerTeacher component of the Powerschool Student Information System to manage attendance, grades, and report cards. In addition, teachers have access to Planbook.com to create and share lesson plans in a digital format.

Microsoft Office & Google Workspace

Teachers are provided with the Microsoft Office suite for classroom use and professional collaboration. The district also employs the use of Google Workspace for Education. All students and teachers are provided access to these collaborative tools.

Online Classrooms

The district utilizes Google Classroom and Seesaw to house online instructional activities. Each teacher has the ability to create classrooms and the freedom to manage the space to meet their curricular needs.

Communication Tools

Parents, students, and teachers have the ability to connect through the use of the district Parent Portal which provides real time grades, assignments and attendance information. Parents and students can view this information from any computer with internet connectivity.


The district employs a variety of devices for student and teacher use including Windows laptops/desktops, Chromebooks, iPads, LCD projectors, and document cameras.

1:1 Chromebook Program

Hampstead School District's 1:1 program gives all students in grades K-8 access to Chromebooks for school work. Students in grades 5-8 take the Chromebook home each day, while students in grade K-4 will use the Chromebook at school and only take home if a remote learning day is required. The 1:1 Chromebook program prepares students for success in a global, technology-rich learning, and working environment.

Students starting the year in grades 1 and 5 will receive a new device. This device will follow them for four years, 1-4 and 5-8. Kindergarten students will receive a touch screen Chromebook for use throughout the year.

Students turn in their devices and chargers at the end of the school year. Over the summer the technology department meticulously inventories, cleans, repairs if needed, and tests all devices. If a device is not returned an attempt will be made to contact the families and retrieve it. If the device still cannot be accounted for it will be considered lost and there will be a charge for a replacement per School Board policy EDBA. If a device requires repairs there may be a charge per School Board policy EDBA.

  • All Chromebooks are the property of the Hampstead School District. Students are not allowed to bring personal computer devices from home.

  • All Chromebook devices are monitored and managed by the hampsteadschools.net Google Workspace Domain, even when they are off of the district network.

  • Families may be liable for a replacement fee if the device is lost or damaged beyond repair. (In accordance with School Board policy JICB.)

  • Chromebooks are issued for the express purpose of enhancing the approved curriculum. Websites and services that distract from this purpose may be blocked from student use.

1:1 Frequently Asked Questions